Depusheng X5 Digital Mixer Reverberator Microphone KTV Karaoke Audio Processor

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  • Professional digital audio processor: Connect the computer to tune, music balance, microphone balance, 3 channels microphone input, remote control function, built-in professional anti-howling module.
  • Remote control: With remote control function, can directly use the remote control music, microphone, effect volume, and has a choice of six sound modes.
  • Professional DSP chip: Using 32 Bit chips to process sound signals, it has faster and more efficient processing capabilities, faster sound, more detailed and delicate details, and high sound reproduction.
  • 5-Channel output: This processor has a 5.1-channel output that distributes sound to individual channels. Even a KTV system can turn it into a cinema. At the same time, you can enjoy KTV's feel in your home theater.
  • Professional anti-howling design: Built-in professional frequency shift anti-whistle module, adjust the reverberation effect, can prevent the production of howling from the source, let you stay away from howling troubles.