Eastar 14"X 5.5" Snare Drum Set for Kids Students Beginners Kit with Drum Sticks, Snare Drum Stand, Mute Pad, Snare Drum Bag, Drum Key, Starry Black

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Product Description

Eastar Snare Drum

10 Screw Fixing Structure

This structure can fix the drum head skin very well. Compared with the 8-screw fixing structure , the 10-screw fixing structure is more stable, the sound adjustment is more delicate, and it can provide more timbres to the players.

Drum Mute Pad

The included mute pad can be used for mute practice when placed on the drum skin. It is convenient to practice anywhere without worrying that the volume will affect others.

Rubber Arm Tip

The tip of the rubber arm can be held tightly and prevents abrasion between the tip and the drum, because the tip of the rubber leg provides elastic cushioning and is non-slip, so you don't need to worry about vibration displacement.

Snare Drum Bag

The snare drum bag is convenient for storing and carrying snare drum and snare drum stand, which improves portability.

  • Eastar Snare Drum Set: a drum set for beginner practice and advanced learning, has everything you want, snare drums, sticks, stands, snare drum bag, mute pads, you don't need to worry about buying anything else.
  • High quality snare drum: 10 lugs snare drum with tighter skin for improved snare tone,. The snare comes with an internal overtone felt that can be manually adjusted to reduce the overtones of the snare, resulting in a cleaner playing sound. Best Tone.
  • Extra high snare stand: the maximum playing height is 43inch/110cm, you can play standing or sitting, suitable for both indoor and outdoor practice, the stand can be folded down and stowed into the snare bag, portable.
  • The silicone mute pad can be placed on the drum skins to reduce the sound by up to 80% when practicing, so it won't disturb your neighbors or family.
  • After years of research, Eastar has developed a set of practical experience in snare drum making. These include the thickness of the snare body, the angle of the edges, the number of polishing cycles, and the height of the edges, all of which affect the actual sound of the snare.