Pixel UHF Wireless Lavalier Microphone System with 1 Receiver, 2 Transmitters,Compatible with Camcorders,DSLR Camera, and iPhone & MacBook,GoPro,PA Speaker,Recording,Teaching Interviews,Livestreaming

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  • 【Ultra-distant & Distortion Free】 Along with offered external antennas, the lapel mic supports ultra-distant audio range in motion, the optimum being 164 ft. So it empowers your endless imaginations with high flexibility. Also, high sound pressure level allows it to perform distorted-free in most applications from wedding videos to concerts.
  • 【Super-stable & 18 Compatible Channels】 Other than 2.4GHz tech, the wireless microphone has applied UHF tech to stably transmit clear signal to the receiver(RX), preventing audio from being interrupted by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Apart from UHF, 18 compatible channels are carefully selected to ensure steady connection between TX and RX for generating continuous audio.
  • 【Clean Audio & Voice Beautified Modes】 To create quality audio, the lavalier mic adopts latest Microelectromechanical system(MEMS) tech by sensitively picking up nearest voices and stably reducing mechanical vibration noise and ambient noise. Additionally, Your voice sounds charming and attractive while recorded in voice beautified modes.
  • 【Ultra-light & Super-compact】 TX of the clip on mic can be easily concealed in your talent without distracting attention since it is as light and compact as a Hershey chocolate bar. Besides, metal housing RX is easily mounted onto DSLR or cameras without adding noticeable weight, perfectly ideal for recording both outdoor and indoor.
  • 【Chargeable Batteries & User-friendly Interface】 Chargeable inbuilt batteries enable transmitters(TX) to operate up to 4 hours and RX to 8 hours in optimal conditions. You could fully concentrate on work without concerning about batteries being dead. TX is user-friendly because you are able to completely operate it by pressing the only red button on interface.
  • 【wireless microphone for iPhone & iPad】work with the iPhone and iPad using the Lightning connection. The connections are the same as the iPhone. Make sure you get the TRS to TRRS adaptor which plugs into the Apple Lightning Dongle or it will not work.If you have an older iPad using the 3.5mm plug I imagine you would connect it the same way, without the Apple dongle.
  • 【Low Cut Filtering Function & Anti-jamming Tech】Professional wireless lapel microphone provides LOW CUT FILTERING function, it can cut off the low frequency part for pure and clear output. WNCR noise control technology can suppress car whistle, environmental and wind noise. Double-conversion DSP receiving processor for strong anti-mirror jamming ability, provide a better recording effect for you.