URlighting Drum Sticks Set - 1 Pair 5A Drum Sticks?1 Pair Drum Rod Brushes Sticks?1 Pair Drum Wire Brushes with Storage Bag for Kids, Adults, Rock Band, Jazz Folk, Students

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A drumstick is a type of percuA drumstick is a type of percussion mallet used particularly for playing snare drum, drum kit and some other percussion instruments, and particularly for playing unhitched percussion; Drum brushes are a set of bristles connected to a handle so that the bristles make a rounded fan shape. They are often used in jazz or blues music, but also in other genres such as rock, country and pop. The bristles can be made of metal or plastic; the handles are commonly made of wood or aluminum, and are often coated with rubber. Some brushes are telescoping so that the bristles can be pulled inside a hollow handle and the fan made by the bristles can be of variable length, width and density. Retracting the bristles also protects the brush when it is not being used. No matter you are beginner, student or new band player, you deserve to have this set ! Feature: - A great gift for drummer playing, beginner practicing, student, music lover and more. - Also a good choices for youth rock bands, drummer playing, beginner practicing, and more. - Made of good quality maple, durable and lightweight - 5A maple drum sticks fit for drums, enough to meet your different needs. - The drum brushes have metal loop end for easy and convenient hanging. Drum sticks Specification: Material: Maple Length: about 16 inch in length Diameter: approx 0.58 inch Rods Drum Sticks Specification: Material: Wood sticks + Rubber grip Length: about 16 inch Diameter: approx 0.7 inch Drum Wire Brushes Specification: Material: Rubber Grip + Metal Drum brushes size: approx 12.6 inch in length Drum Wire Brushes Length: Approx 12.6 inch Package includes: 1 Pair of wood drum sticks 1 Pair of drum wire brushes 1 Pair of drum brushes sticks 1 x Black velvet bag
  • Great Performance: Drum brushes sticks provides you lighter and lower volume playing, and drum brushes can be retracted for greater volume and articulation, good choices for drummer playing, beginner practicing and more
  • 5A Drum Sticks: Made of good quality maple, polished with non-slip surface for comfortable grip, the classic drumsticks have characteristics of good resilience and responsiveness. They can provide you lighter and lower volume playing,perfect for youth rock bands and drummer playing
  • Drum Rod Brushes Sticks: Adopts several wood rods, special wrap near the brush sticks' neck provides a tight sound with just enough texture and improves durability , great for drum, jazz, folk and other soft music performance
  • Retractable Wire Brushes: Drum brushes with wire brush feature a long rubber handle for comfortable grip, and retractable metal loop end for easy and convenient hanging.Drum wire brushes can be retracted for greater volume and articulation. It is really lightweight but very sturdy, great for snare drum swipes and cymbal work
  • Storage Bag: Comes with a black velvet drawstring bag, not only good for storage to save space, also useful to carry the items when going out, the loop on the end helps you hang the brush conveniently. Good choices for drummer playing, beginner practicing and more