Vanphy Concert 26-inch Electric Ukulele Instrument Kit

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  • Super high-quality craftsmanship: The entire ukulele is made of Sapele wood. After 30 processes, continuous carving and polishing, the ukulele body is very smooth. The stunning traditional ukulele tweeter combines a bass wood body, solid wood neck, fingerboard and bridge. Nylon strings and eco-friendly design will make it your favorite musical instrument.
  • Rich and warm sound: The ukulele is tuned by a professional tuner. When playing, you will feel an unparalleled tone, a brisk and transparent sound and a broad tone. You will feel good. The concert of playing the ukulele will bring you aural enjoyment.
  • Abundant packaging accessories: We not only provide you with such an excellent Ukulele, but also bring you the most abundant accessories, including: Ukulele strap bag, tuner, nylon rope, cleaning cloth, 5 colors of picks, we provide you with the most abundant accessories, rich accessories, only for your satisfaction.
  • Elaborate design: We are committed to providing users with the best experience. The ukulele is designed by professional designers, which is more in line with the habits of European and American scholars and musicians. Each link is carefully planned to provide you with the best experience.
  • Professional and fast service: We have the most professional staff to protect your products. If you have any questions after purchasing the product, you can easily find our service staff. The best service is to satisfy you.
  • The best choice for everyone: the concert (26 inches) ukulele is the most popular music with a wide range of characteristics. It is recommended that most adults and children aged 9 and above attend the concert. It is recommended that large-handed adult men use the alto (26 inches) ukulele.