Yamaha Montage 7 - 76-Key Flagship Music Synthesizer

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Building on the legacy of the synths that came before it, the Montage 7-76 Key Synthesizer sets the next milestone for synthesizers. Designed to inspire your creativity, the Montage 7 allows you more flexibility and control than any synthesizer before it. Platform-focused and constantly evolving with firmware updates, Yamaha has added significant improvements to sound, control, and workflow. With the Motion Control Synthesis Engine, flexible connectivity, and the revolutionary Super Knob, Montage is a must have for the professional musician.

Motion Control Synthesis Engine
The Motion Control Synthesis Engine unifies and controls two iconic sound engines: AWM2 (high-quality waveform and subtractive synthesis) and FM-X (modern, pure frequency modulation synthesis). These two engines can be freely zoned or layered across eight parts in a single Montage performance. Motion Control, a highly programmable control matrix, allows you to create deep, dynamic, and incredibly expressive sounds not possible on previous hardware synthesizers.

Flexible Connectivity
Yamaha spares no expense when it comes to connectivity options. You have your typical headphone output, balanced Left/Mono and Right outputs and MIDI In, Out and Thru connections. In addition to these you have A/D Inputs for microphones or line level instruments, a separate assignable Left and Right output section, two-foot controller inputs, and two-foot switch inputs. This combination of inputs and outputs allows for some crazy experimentation. You also have USB to Host to connect to your computer and USB to Device to save and load settings onto an external storage device.

Super Knob
The Super Knob is programmable, customizable, and is all about giving the user control over their music. With the ability to control an additional 8 assignable knobs, you can determine what parameters the Super Knob will affect. This allows for endless possibilities when it comes to creating sounds and is a useful tool in the studio as well as on the stage. You can also assign the Super Knob to the Foot Controller 2 jack on the back of the Montage, allowing both hands to remain on the keyboard while you put the Super Knob in motion.

FREE Samson Headphones
This synth comes with a free pair of Samson SR950 Professional Studio Reference Headphones. Featuring a closed-ear design, self-adjusting headband, 50mm drivers, and 10Hz-30kHz frequency response to deliver crystal clear audio for extended listening sessions.

  • Motion Control Synthesis Engine gives you control over two iconic sound engines (AWM2/FM-X)
  • Flexible Connectivity provides more options for experimentation
  • Super Knob gives you control of multiple parameters in real time
  • Pure Analog Circuit improves signal quality after being converted from analog to digital
  • Live Set allows you to organize your performances without copying, changing the order or renaming
  • Includes power supply, owner's manual, Cubase AI download information, and headphones

Get your Yamaha Montage 7-76 Key Synt
  • Motion Control Synthesis Engine gives you control over two iconic sound engines (AWM2/FM-X)
  • Flexible Connectivity provides more options for experimentation
  • Yamaha Montage 7-76 Key Synthesizer (Black)